Seeberger Thin Stone Technology

„The corporate philosophy of our company is based on its grown experiences and has always been driven by the goal of combining quality in craftmanship tradition with technical innovations and successful, timeless design concepts.”

Our History Begins in 1956

Our company is firmly anchored in the region and offers selected solutions in all areas of natural stone. Thanks to his father, Albert Seeberger, Stefan Seeberger, today’s owner and C.O.O., was able to learn the craftmanship from early on and finished his training with the successful master craftsman’s examination as a stonemason and stone sculptor in 2000.

The following years were characterised by continuous expansion. Our company regularly works in the gravestone sector on over 150 cemeteries.

Tiziano Hybrid®

In 2007, Seeberger acquired thin stone technology. In the following years, Stefan Seeberger refined the technology and transformed it into a stable production process. Due to constant investment, Tiziano Hybrid developed into its own business department.

The core business with gravestones became a wide-ranging sector.

For years, the demand for products and services for interior design and expansion, especially for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as in construction for interior and exterior use, has been increasing.

Order processing takes place in our own production facilities and is carried out by qualified employees: from computer-based planning and design to construction and to complete final assembly.

Natural stone is a durable and value-retaining material that brings a touch of luxury into your home. Seeberger offers a wide range of individual solutions. We will do our utmost to perfectly implement your wishes and ideas together with you.

We offer you a wide range of examples covering all subject areas. Feel free to visit us in our company in Wallerstein.

Our Guiding Principle

Our goal is to continue the development of thin stone elements from natural stone in order to create panels that are as light in weight as possible as large-area formats, are easy to install and offer the biggest possible stability. We have succeeded in this with the development of Tiziano Hybrid® ultra-lightweight panels.

Our panels only weigh one third of the weight of solid stone panels.

Thin & Lightweight

This technology finally allows the use of natural stone in areas where this has not been possible previously due to structural reasons.

During the developmental work, special attention was paid to the optimal and indissoluble bond between natural stone and its carrier material.

By modifying the lightweight concrete, we managed to equalise the expansion coefficient of the two materials in such a way that no expansion cracks occur, even with high temperature fluctuations.

For example, one Carrara panel 2900 mm x 1800 mm x 4 mm