TH 1 Classic & Special

TH 1 Classic & Special The Classic of Thin Stone Technology TH 1 is the classic laying panel in hybrid technology. Expanded gas concrete combined… Read More

TH 4 Metawell

TH 4 Metawell Lightweight Construction Made Even Lighter Ideal for particularly robust lightweight construction: 5 mm of natural stone bonded with 5 mm of Metawell… Read More

TH 2 Thin Stone Double

TH 2 Thin Stone Double Natural Stone Experience on Two Sides The product TH 2 is made of two thin stone panels glued together; each… Read More

TH 3 Thin & Robust

TH 3 Thin & Robust Material-Saving with Maximum Effect TH 3 is pure natural stone reinforced with fibreglass mats. The total material thickness is only… Read More

TH 3 Without Fabric

TH 3 Without Fabric Thinnest Stone 4 to 5 mm The TH 3 natural stone panel is extremely thin, without carrier material for glass… Read More

TH 3 Glass

TH 3 Glass Must-Have for Modern Architecture TH 3 Glass is the combination of VSG or ESG glass. The full-surface bonding of the natural stone… Read More

TH 4 Alucobond

TH 4 Alucobond Thin, Light and Extremely Robust TH 4 Alucobond – the Lightweight Panel for Interior Use   This Tiziano Hybrid® Product is extremely… Read More