Impressive Cladding for Façades. Versatile, Variable and Efficient.

We are constantly surrounded by buildings and architecture. In modern façade construction, the design language has evolved to become strikingly straight and rectangular. Glass, steel and concrete are the dominant materials.


We expand this spectrum of possibilities with our innovation – Tiziano-Hybrid®.


This thin stone technology specifically made for outdoor use offers a unique aesthetic and a variety of options for application.


Because of its process-optimized production, additional potential for cost savings opens up.

Thin stone garage door
Outer façade

Application Possibilities

The innovative system of our thin stone technology can be used for cladding façades, interiors, for trade fair construction and much more. Tiziano-Hybrid® has been used, for example, for the façades of the Central Bank of Kuwait or the New National Museum in Oslo.

Materials for Façade Cladding