TH 3 Without Fabric

Thinnest Stone 4 to 5 mm

The TH 3 natural stone panel is extremely thin, without carrier material for glass bonding for interior and exterior use, as well as for trade fair construction. Bonding to glass allows for impressive light effects in modern architecture. The new national museum in Oslo illustrates this in a special way. During day, the aesthetics of the natural stone show; at night, the façade becomes the eye-catcher of the whole surrounding.

4 mm – 5 mm natural stone without carrier

5 mm total thickness

15 kg/m

Maximum 320 cm x 160 cm

  • fire class B2
  • frost resistance (depending on material)
  • suitable for backlighting
  • interior
  • floor covering
  • wall cladding
  • as décor

Gluing to glass, plexiglass

Full-surface or spot application, depending on the place of use

(1) according to a test report of TH Braunschweig
(2) according to a test report of TU Berlin