TH 4 Alucobond

Thin, Light and Extremely Robust

TH 4 Alucobond – the Lightweight Panel for Interior Use


This Tiziano Hybrid® Product is extremely weight-resilient and is thus suitable specifically for areas, where high point weight demands occur and where a high material thinness is required at the same time, for example when laying floors.


Due to its low weight, this thin stone technology can now be used in previously ‘weight-sensitive’ applications, such as in airplanes, ships or other means of transport.

  • 5 mm natural stone
  • Fibreglass
  • 4 mm Alucobond

9 mm total thickness

22 kg/m2

Maximum 250 x 125 cm

  • Fire class A2
  • Interior
  • Especially for heavy weight use
  • High impact resistance
  • Gluing to wood, metal, concrete and plaster
  • Screwing onto frame systems
  • Riveting to agraffes

Full-surface of spot application, depending on the place of use

(1) according to a test report of TH Braunschweig
(2) according to a test report of TU Berlin