The Fascination of Thin Stone Technology. Lightweight Panels made of Natural Stone for Exterior and Interior use.

We redefine thin stone technology with our technical innovation Tiziano-Hybrid®. Discover extraordinary and breath-taking design possibilities.

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The Development of Lightweight Construction Elements made of Natural Stone

There are countless advantages that speak for the use of natural stone. In the past, the greatest challenge for the material of stone remained in its own weight.

If you look at the development of stone as a building material over the past 1,000 years, it has constantly been developed further by creating thinner and lighter panels in order to make the properties of natural stone more and more efficient for the use in commercial and residential construction.


With our technical innovation Tiziano-Hybrid® , we have developed a new milestone in the production of extremely thin, lightweight, yet resistant natural stone panels. You benefit from efficient production processes and significant savings opportunities in installation.

Technology Innovation

Our panel system with the brand name Tiziano-Hybrid® consists of a non-combustible, elastic and vibration-resistant carrier material, combined with a natural stone panel.

Tiziano-Hybrid panels only weigh a third of solid stone panels. This finally allows the use of natural stone even in places where it was previously impossible due to structural reasons.


The panels are manufactured in the same size as conventional natural stone panels. Almost all types of natural stone can be processed into Tiziano-Hybrid®.

The Carrier Material

The carrier slab is made of lightweight concrete using extra-light fillers. Combustible and toxic admixtures are not used. Rotting, even in case of permanent moisture, is impossible.


Alkali resistance and frost resistance are given, and the carrier material is insensitive to inorganic acids and alkalis, too. Subsequent creep and shrinkage remain minimal.


There Is a Solution for Everything

Tiziano-Hybrid® is the ideal panel for renovations and refurbishments. Any natural stone material can be used. Format and design are decided by the costumer.

Our Various Construction Types

We use your raw material