The Expert on the Road, for You Personally.

The selection of the right stone and the rigorous quality assurance on site are absolute necessities. Only then can costumers be sure of getting the high-quality product they want. And at Seeberger, this is the bosses’ business.


Even at first glance, the expert can tell whether a block is suitable for the planned project. When looking more closely, Stefan Seeberger immediately knows where the problems are in the stone.


Coordination takes place, products are discarded, negotiations with the quarry management takes place, travel plans are accorded, communication with construction management and clients on the other end of the world take place. Everything is done in real time and everything is synchronised. Sometimes, this is a matter of hours, even minutes.


Norway’s quarries are known for their good quality. Various kinds of granite stone can be found there; especially blue granite has a very special visual effect.

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Portugal III

A highlight in Portugal: going deep down to mine the gold from stone. The reddish to red granite is a popular stone for construction.

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Portugal II

On the Rota Tons de Mármore, the “Route in the Colours of Marble”, you can discover the spectrum of Portuguese marble.

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This country is rich in history and great natural stones. When visiting the marble quarries, a special feeling always resonates.

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Calacatta marble is a Carrara marble and thus belongs to the most famous and noblest types of marble world-wide. Marble from the mountain quarries of Carrara.

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Portugal has an enormous density of quarries. In the region of Alentejo, some of them go down to a depth of 150m. Marble from the Alentejo is appreciated world-wide.

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