TH Translucent Concrete

Makes Every Building Shine

With translucent concrete, also known as light-conductive or translucent concrete, façade and design objects become a real highlight. The concrete block becomes translucent by incorporating light-conducting elements, most often times fibres. Even old gymnasiums are thus transformed into popular locations in the region.


  • 5 mm natural stone
  • Fibreglass

Total thickness

  • 5 – 15 mm

15 kg/m2

Maximum 300 x 130 cm

  • Fire class B2
  • Frost resistance (depending on material)
  • Suitable for backlighting
  • Interior
  • Floor covering
  • Wall cladding
  • As décor
  • Gluing onto glass, plexiglass

Full-surface or spot application, depending on the place of use

(1) According to a test report by TH Braunschweig
(2) According to a test report by TU Berlin