The Technology

The panel system with the brand name Tiziano-Hybrid is made of a non-combustible, elastic and vibration-resistant carrier material, combined with a natural stone panel. Lightweight concrete, aluminium honeycomb or aluminium cobond, as well as other substrates, are used as support materials. A fibreglass reinforcement is embedded between the natural stone and the carrier material. This ensures the very high stability of our products. The thickness of the hybrid panel depends on different use-specific factors and ranges from 5 mm to 25 mm.


Tiziano-Hybrid panels only weigh a third of solid stone panels. This finally allows the use in places where this was not possible before due to structural reasons. The panels are manufactured according to the sizes of conventional natural stone slabs. Almost all types of natural stone can be processed into Tiziano-Hybrid.


By bonding the panels to the carrier material, even brittle and porous materials can be given back or given the required stability.


During the development work, special attention was paid to the optimal and indissoluble bond between the natural stone and the carrier material. By modifying the lightweight concrete, it was possible to equalise the coefficient of expansion of the two materials in such a way that no expansion cracks occur, even with high temperature fluctuations. Our own-developed process technology allows for an uncomplicated and stable production process.


The on-site fastening technique is carried out with common elastic mounting adhesives. Further fastening possibilities are frame systems, agraffes and special anchor systems.


All our products are certified by authorised organisations and meet the requirements of the building authorities concerning statics, fire protection and safety.

The Advantages

  • Is a combination of two ideas that complement each other in their uniqueness and offers the perfect, technically finalised and tried technology in façade and dry construction.
  • As a lightweight element, it meets the highest demands, offers an extraordinary look, is certified by testing institutions and fits into any budget.
  • The lightweight element, which can also be used on short notice, does not have any structural requirements concerning its carrier material and can be used with high flexibility.
  • The ideal panel for renovations. Any natural stone material can be used. Format and design are determined by the costumer.
  • The only lightweight panel to date that is produced by natural stone specialists and marketed by stone experts. Many years of experience with natural stone, innovative thinking as well as a solution-oriented work ethic characterise our employees.
  • The lightweight panel with a suitable substructure, the complete solution from a single source – where can you find anything that comes close?

The Carrier Material

Tiziano Hybrid – The Special Feature is the Carrier

Components and Qualities of the Lightweight Concrete Carrier Slab:

The carrier slab is made of lightweight concrete using extra light fillers. Combustible or toxic admixtures are not used. Rotting, even in the case of permanent moisture, is impossible.

Alkali resistance and frost resistance are given, as well as insensitivity to inorganic acids and alkalis. Subsequent creep and shrinkage are minimal.

The system is recommended from a construction-biological perspective, since it does not contain PCB, PCP, TBTO, HON or styrene, formaldehyde or fibres from asbestos or mineral wool. The used aggregate provides sound, impact sound and thermal insulation; there is no more cold stone – a homely atmosphere is created.

Differences between Tiziano-Hybrid and Other Products:

The main differences are in the process technology and in the technical advantages resulting from it.

With Tiziano-Hybrid, decades of tried and tested experience in concrete technology have been incorporated into the processing.

Our process technology allows for an uncomplicated production of the panels, whereby we can manufacture the carrier in almost infinitely variable thicknesses from 11 mm to 30 mm.

A coating on two sides with natural stone, as well as the cladding of visible edges – smooth or with profiles – is possible without any problems.